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创业故事近50年的比萨业创业史的经验教训,创业故事:Entrepreneurial Lessons From Nearly 50 Years in the Pizza Business近50年的比萨业创业史的经验教训Bill Walsh likes to say that he has pizza sauce running through his ve-. The franchisee entered the pizza business nearly five decades ago. He climbed through the ranks at Pizza Hut corporate, until the brand was purchased by PepsiCo in 1977. Walsh deced to continue his cheesy "labor of love" as a franchisee, becoming a partner of Daland Corporation, a company that today own 106 Pizza Hut restaurants. Here is what he has learned.比尔.沃尔什喜欢说,他血-流的都是比萨酱。五十年前他作为加盟商进入了比萨业。他经营的是1977年被百胜收购的必胜客品牌。沃尔什决定继续用他的潇洒的“爱劳动作为一个加盟商,成为鼎辉公司的合作伙伴,即现在拥有106家必胜客餐厅。下面是他所学到的经验。Name: Bill Walsh姓名:比尔.沃尔什Franchise owned: Present of Daland Corporation, Pizza Hut (106 restaurants in 12 states)特许经营权:鼎辉公司的总裁,必胜客(在12个州有106家餐厅)-How long have you owned a franchise?-你拥有这项特许权多久了?Since 1978.自从1978。-Why d you get into franchising?-为什么要从事特许经营?It was an opportunity to own my own business.它为我提供了拥有自己事业的机会。-What were you doing before you became a franchise owner?-当你获得特许权所有人之前,你在做什么?Working in a variety of roles at Pizza Hut, Inc. On Oct. 4, 1966, I started my Pizza Hut career for $0.50 an hour and all the beer I could drink as a freshman at Wichita State University. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. But, my father thought I was crazy because I had left an afternoon spot welding job where I was being pa $4.50 an hour. In January of 1967, I became the store - at the Kellogg and Rock Road Pizza Hut in Wichita, where I earned $14,000 that year. In 1967, that was in the top 10 percent income bracket in the United States. It was one of the higher volume Pizza Hut restaurants at the time and I ma-d this restaurant until 1969 when I became an assistant area -.我在必胜客做过很多职位。1966年10月4日我开始在必胜客工作,以时薪0.5美金外加像威奇托州立大学新生一样随意畅饮啤酒的待遇。高兴的我就像去了天堂一样,但我父亲认为我疯了,因为我为它放弃了时薪4.5美金的焊接工作。1967年1月,我成为了必胜客威奇托市凯洛格和摇滚路店店长的经历,那一年我赚了14000美金。要知道在1967年,那可是足以挤进全美前10%的收入人群行列!那家必胜客的销量很大,在1969年成为区域经理助理之前是我一直管理着那家店。During this time, I had deced I loved the restaurant business so I changed my college major from English (I had always wanted to be a high school teacher) to Business Administration. In 1971, I moved to Charleston, W. Va. as an area - for six restaurants that Pizza Hut, Inc. had just acquired from a franchisee. In 1972, I moved back to Wichita to become the director of training for Pizza Hut, Inc.在那期间我决定专注于餐厅的业务,所以我将大学专业从英语(我一直想成为一个高中老师)改为了企业管理。1971年我搬到了西弗吉尼亚州的查尔斯顿,作为一个区域经理管理六家必胜客餐厅,这是必胜客刚刚收购的餐厅。在1972年,我回到了威奇托,成为了必胜客公司的培训主管。It was a perfect job. Pizza Hut, Inc. sent me to a number of ma-ment courses to gather the best learning at the time on planning, or-izing, directing, staffing and controlling. I held that position for three years. During that time, the Training Department held over 30 classes a year to teach both company and franchise area general -s how to ma- restaurants better with the goal being to improve sales and profits. In 1975 and 1976, I was the director of -tions for the 600 company-owned restaurants in the eastern half of the United States. In 1977, I became the vice present of franchising. Virtually all of the United States had been franchised or was held for company d-lopment so my role was to - franchisees be - successful in their restaurant -tions and assist them in - - money out of their enterprises. In October of 1977, Pizza Hut was acquired by PepsiCo and offered me a number of promotional opportunities in their other companies: Pepsi-Cola, Wilson Sporting Goods, etc. But, I was in love with the restaurant business and joined/invested in a 1/5 ownership in the Daland Corporation Franchise group in April of 1978.这是一个完美的工作。必胜客公司派我管理课程规划,在计划、组织、指挥、人员编制和控制等方面找出最佳的学习方法。我担任这个职位三年,在此期间,每年举办30多次培训课程,指导公司和特许经营区总经理们如何更好的管理餐厅并提高销售业绩。在1975-1976年,我已经是美国东部超过600家餐厅的运营总监。1977年,我成为了特许经营副总裁。事实上,当时全美几乎为了其公司发展都在搞特许经营或出售公司股份。所以我决定帮助特许经营者管理,并协助他们的企业更加盈利。1977年10月,必胜客被百胜集团收购,他们给我提供了为他们的其他企业做促销的工作机会,如百事可乐、威尔逊体育用品等。但我深爱着这家企业,于是我在1978年投资了鼎辉公司连锁集团1/5的股权。-Why d you choose Pizza Hut?-你为什么选择了必胜客?Dav Novak, the former CEO of Yum Brands, once sa, “It’s the food, stup. I beli- he was and is correct. In the restaurant business, the key is the food… and I love the Pizza Hut food.戴维诺瓦克,百胜餐饮集团的原CEO曾说,“食物是关键啊,笨蛋。“我相信他是正确的。餐厅的关键是食物,我爱必胜客的食物!。-How much would you estimate you spent before you were officially open for business?-在正式开业前,你估计你花了多少钱?Because I bought a percentage of an existing enterprise, my situation is a little bit different. Today, a delivery/carryout unit costs in the realm of $350,000 for the interior buildout in an existing commercial strip center/mall, equipment, beginning inventory and change fund.我的情况有些不同,因为我入股了一家企业。今天,在商圈中心/购物中心位置的开店的价格大约需要350,000美元,其中包括内设,启动库存和找零基金。-Where d you get most of your advice/do most of your research?-你在哪里得到你的大部分建议及如何做你的研究?Twelve years at Pizza Hut, Inc., from $0.50 an hour pizza maker to vice present.十二年时间,从时薪0.50美元做到必胜客副总裁。-What were the most unexpected challenges of opening your franchise?-你做特许经营权的最大挑战是什么?Federal, state and local government rules and regulations.联邦、州和地方-的规章制度。-What advice do you have for indivuals who want to own their own franchise?-你对那些想要拥有自己特许经营权的人有什么建议?Make sure you are not just buying a job. Many franchises limit you in regard to the number of stores that you can own and -te.确保你不只是在买一份工作。许多特许经营权限制你可以拥有和经营的店铺的数量。-What’s next for you and your business?-你的下一步准备做什么?I beli- the pizza business and the Pizza Hut - will continue to be a great investment for many years to come. I anticipate growing our company with additional Pizza Hut restaurants. We will also continue to look at other restaurant opportunities.我相信比萨业和必胜客系统在未来的很多年都将保持投资价值,我期待出现更多的必胜客餐厅,我们也会继续寻求与其他餐厅的合作机会。。柳州创业投资发布。

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